Nature in Ontario Box Set


5 x 7 cards on premium card stock, including mailing envelope, box of 8, 100% made in Canada;
Each card contains a short write up on the location of each image.

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A collection of wildlife and landscape images from around Ontario.

Brewer Lake Sunrise

Taken in late June when the nights in Algonquin Park are still cool.  The sun rise started to light the shore on the far side of the lake and create a soft orange, pink glow.  Brewer Lake, Algonquin Park

Portage Falls

Traveling by canoe is the best ways to experience the many waterfalls across Algonquin Park.  This one is part of the Amable du Fond River which flows from Pipe Lake through Kawawaymog, North Tea, Manitou and Kioshkokwi Lakes before joining the Mattawa River.  At this time of day, the sunlight was nicely filtered by the trees creating highlights on the rock and deadfall logs.  Amable du Fond River, Algonquin Park

Portage View

Capturing the moment you step out of the portage, put down your pack and appreciate the view.  Water, trees, sun and soft clouds. You can’t go wrong.  Amable du Fond River, Algonquin Park

Red Tailed Hawk

This hawk was hunting in a meadow near the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto.  He had upset a group of Red Wing Blackbirds who took turns trying to drive the hawk away from their nests.  The hawk settled here where he could watch for mice protected from the blackbirds.  Toronto , Ontario

Roadside Moose

On a slightly drizzly day, this cow moose had this small meadow beside the road all to herself.  Out in the open, she was able to get some relief from black flies and have a good meal at the same time.  Algonquin Park

Spring Apples

This conservation area is home to many deer where between the meadows and bush they are able to find food and shelter.  In early June, I found a pair of yearlings snacking on this old apple tree.  Despite the grass and flowers up as high as their backs, there was something much tastier in the tree. Whitby, Ontario

Sunrise Reflections

Up very early to catch wildlife in good light, the sunrise and mist on this stretch of lake was too much to resist.  I ended up using a zoom lens to focus on the reflection of the log on the water and as an unexpected bonus also captured the spiderwebs covered with dew.   Algonquin Park

Tea Lake Sunrise

Up at dawn to look for moose by canoe, the sunrise was reward in itself.  The cool morning air created lake fog which provided extra texture to the sunrise. North Tea Lake in Algonquin Park