Kincardine Sunrise to Sunset


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A collection of images in and around Kincardine, Ontario.

The Phantom Piper  For the past 24 years, members of the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band climb the lighthouse to play at sundown.  This tradition honors the legend of Donald Sinclair who played the bagpipe when his boat was overcome by a storm.  As a piper on land began to respond, Donald was able to safely navigate to shore.
Kincardine Harbour at Sunset On a stormy October night, the clouds parted just enough to let the last minutes of a bright orange sunset show through.  The winds were beginning to calm and the seagulls that had spent most of the day tucked safely on the breakwater, started to venture out.
Evening Boardwalk The Kincardine boardwalk runs south from the harbour where you can enjoy gardens, sand dunes and marine heritage installations.  Taken as the sun was setting, the lights on the boardwalk cast a warm glow.
Great Waterfront Trail The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail runs from Sarnia to Tobermory a distance of approximately 500 KMs (301 miles) .  In addition to over 40 beaches, there are several sections of boardwalk including this one in Kincardine.  The Lakefront trail passes iconic Kincardine sites like the Lighthouse and Walker House – home of Kincardine’s Heritage Center.
286-289 Harbour Street Designated a heritage site in 1994, 286-290 Harbour Street has been used as a bank, a barrister and solicitors office, newspaper and doctor’s offices, and private residences.  Of note on the historical designation is the intricate brick work design around the windows and parapet.
Kincardine Library Designated a historic site in 1981, the Kincardine Library building was constructed in 1908.  Constructed of red stone and brick in the Romanesque Revival style.  Pictured here with an autumn sunrise slowly making its way from the east and adding emphasis to the classic roof line.
Queen Street sunrise Looking west as the sun begins to rise, Queen Street Kincardine is part of a designated Heritage Conservation District. This designation enables the town to balance the ongoing needs for property maintenance and development while conserving and celebrating local heritage.
Royal Hotel Extending from Queen Street to the harbour, Harbour Street was reconstructed to capture old world ambiance.  Home to a number of shops and restaurants, it is also home Walker House and the Lighthouse and Marine Museum.

Built in 1873, the former Royal Hotel now houses apartments.  Photo archives show images of the hotel with a covered front porch with gables very similar to the ones that remain today.