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Photography has always been my passion. Here you will find images and stories of marine life and wildlife, and the places that they call home. I hope my work will evoke an appreciation for the ocean and lands for those who have not been able to experience it for themselves. For those who have those experiences, I hope you find some happy memories in these pages.

Conservation and the need to protect our environment is my second passion. Wanting to preserve our oceans is an automatic reflex for anyone who has experienced the wonder of looking into the eye of a baby humpback whale or hovered over a reef to watch a turtle enjoying a sponge lunch.

Where to find my work

I attend art fairs in Toronto and currently have a booth in the Arts Market at 1856 Danforth Avenue in Toronto.  Follow me on Instagram or check back here for dates and locations of the art fairs I will be attending in 2024.

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Land means something different to each of us. Studies have shown that being in nature or simply viewing pictures of nature can reduce stress and increase our sense of well-being. Living in a country with four distinct seasons and plenty of wildlife means the views and colors are constantly changing.



Over 70% of the earth is covered in water and the oceans hold over 96% of all earth’s water. There is a much bigger “world” underwater than the one that humans occupy. The images on these pages represent a tiny slice of the underwater world.

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