Adelies on Ice

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Adelie penguins have an all black face and white rings around their eyes which along with their stockier build help to distinguish them from other penguins. They are the southernmost breeding penguin with almost all of them breeding on the Antarctic continent. They start to head off shore in early February as their breeding season comes to a close which is where I found this group on an iceberg trying to stay cool in the sunshine. Interesting penguin fact – penguins raise their flippers off their sides to increase air circulation to help keep them cool when they are out of the water. Image taken February 2023 near Vega Island, Antarctica

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My custom framed prints include a white archival mat with a foam backing and are professionally framed and finished.
Priced framed in a classic gallery frame made from solid wood with a black satin finish.
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Image will be printed on Photo eSatin 300g which is a premium-quality, resin-coated inkjet photo paper which will not reflect glare like a glossy paper. This paper’s excellent ink retention properties produce an exceptionally large color gamut for bright, realistically saturated colors and accurate skin tones.

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